Thursday, June 12, 2008

Private View Invite

We’re proud to announce that the opening of Art Trek 2008 will be at the Beggars Roost pub near Lynton, our new venue. If you are interested enough to be looking at this blog you should be at the private view on Wednesday 18th June 6-9pm, just turn up you’re welcome, you don’t need an invite. All the information you need is on the invite, designed by Peter Ward, above. This is a time to look at the work, talk with the artists, enjoy a free drink, socialise and have a good time. There will also be the opportunity to pick up details of other Art Trek venues and artists business cards, statements etc.

Beggars Roost to the Rescue

We’ve gone through a turbulent time over the last month; our venue, a brand new barn complex conversion Alta Lyn Studios became months behind in completion, and then the builders took their tools and everything not fixed down and walked out on the job. It left us in a precarious position within weeks of the opening with no venue! And a legal wrangle has prevented us from even using part finished buildings.

An emergency meeting was called and a desperate call out for help was issued. By this time the brochure was already printed and we were really worried about visitors turning up at the venue, after possibly a long drive, to find a building site.

Fortunately the Beggars Roost pub, at the entrance to our original venue, lent us a hand and is hosting most of the artists in their impressive upstairs room. There will still be a couple of artists at the studios, minutes down the lane along the side of the pub. So we’re extremely thankful to the Beggars Roost for coming to our rescue and a drink and pub lunch could well be another incentive for perspective visitors to our venue.